Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Little do you know.

Little do you know.
That I am sad.
But I'm not gonna tell you.

Little do you know.
That I am hurt.
But I'm not gonna tell you.

Little do you know.
That I am tired.
But I'm not gonna tell you.

Little do you know.
That little did I know.
That I somehow resemble my beloved father.
A lot.
But I'm not gonna tell you.

Little do you know.
That day by day.
Little by little.
That I want to break free from this world.
Sooner than I should.

Little do you know.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

World 🌎 Just saying because of flight of idea! 💡

I don't have much to share with the world maybe because I've given a lot to others in my course of profession but there's been a lot of thing in my mind and I have to pour it out somewhere. I think my blog can handle this best.

Because despite of walker judge you, they wonder offend me much. So on and off if I have trouble to put things through, I might just come here and pour it all out. Ever since working I don't have those I can share a lot with. It's different compared to campus lifetime.

So yeah.
See you again soon!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Just sharing currently.

Dehel. Must setting the mobile view.
Sadly iOS not supported though. Wtv.

Here's some to share about.
My sweet TL I thought of making.

My housemenship TL.
Daftar spa 23.12.2014
Daftar mmc/econversion/lapor diri mara 29.12.2014
Mara akan bg surat dlm tempoh bam bulan ke staun dan bg tempoh bayar blk setahun dr start kerja.
Call spa booking iv 5.1.2015
Daftar kkm 6.1.2015
Posting placement.
1. Htjs
2. Hkl
3. H serdang
Spa call saya. 16.1.2015
Pre HO course 22-24.1.2015
Interview spa 28.1.2015
Medical check up 6.2.2015
eHO and placement. HKL. 16.3.2015
Tarikh berkhidmat. 13.4.2015
PTM official letter???
PTM ???
Well it's not finish yet but my eagerness is overwhelming. 

Got placement yeay!!


After the long awaiting I finally got my answer for placement. 

Soon to be Key El people man. 

Can't wait with the thrill gushing in veins. 

Regardless, I'll start posting back little by little whenever possible. 
Just to share the thoughts and nerve wrecking and any shitty stuff or day to day scraps and moments. 

I'm kinda motivated since iPhone. ;3

So here we go.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

How things have change a lot.

I should be studying more. (- -'')
But feeling like wanna post an entry today. (_ _'')

When I looked back for a year, it seems like lots of things have changed.
Everybody too have lots of things to settle down with.
How times have passed.
Since like a year many thing has happen.

It also feels odd.
That everyone I've known on DNSEA also whom used to be around with me, like I did in my past time, gotten busy with real life things. Including me of course. =,=''

Even if I go play back I think the world is not like it seems before.
Even in guild group none has talk much like before.
Including me. (_ _'')
Well actually I do can't bring myself to attention 'cause in reality I'm a shy person for being average.
Not imba nor noob either. m(_ _'')m
Pemalas cmtu la. =,=''
Nevertheless, some games are not just games.
It's where ties of friendship and real things do be made.
That's how I learn some reality of mmorpg.

| Been thinking a lot before this up to OCD and didn't find time to make an entry therefore have to write an entry otherwise I'll be dying wanna post =,='' |
| Study shall I |